Producers of dynamic content-driven material for print and digital media


Who we are

Founded in 1996, the UK-based Trident Press has transformed itself from a traditional print publisher into a multimedia content provider, putting commitment, creativity and the latest technology at the heart of everything it does.

In addition to publishing high-quality books, magazines and brochures in many languages, Trident Press and the Irish-based company, Trident Media, produce cutting-edge films, interactive DVDs and CDs, as well as award-winning websites. We have also been involved in envisioning and providing multimedia content for a number of World EXPOs including EXPO 2008 in Spain and EXPO 2010 in China.

Areas of special interest include wildlife, travel, lifestyle, sports, the arts, cultural and historical aspects of human development. Geographically, we have particular expertise in the Middle East.

Recognising that we are entering a truly exciting time for global media, where content is paramount and only the most innovative companies will survive, Trident Press and its associated companies have embraced all that twenty-first century media has to offer.

What we do

We write, edit, do photo research, commission photography, translate, design, produce and print books, magazines, brochures and all related publications.
We research, originate and produce films.
We originate and produce interactive CDs and DVDs.
We originate and manage websites.

What sets us apart

We have wide-ranging experience and a creative dedicated workforce that is committed to producing high-quality work that informs and entertains.