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360 UAE - A Photographic View of the United Arab Emirates

Nick Wood’s previous ‘360’ books on New York, London, and Paris are worthy forerunners to this exciting new publication. This time around, however, Nick photographs an entire country: the United Arab Emirates.

360 UAE - A Photographic View of the United Arab Emirates


ISBN: 978-1-905486-58-8

Available from:

National Media Council
Department of External Information
PO Box 3790, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971 2 4452922

Nick approaches the UAE with a fresh eye and brings us with him on a true voyage of discovery as he explores the length and breadth of this land of contrasts, employing his special skill in taking extreme wide-angle views of the country and its people.

Naturally, Nick has drawn comparisons with other places, including the great cities that he has photographed. The sharp, crisp steel and glass of the iconic architecture that scrapes the sky are reminiscent of New York; the pureness and colour of light echo the Australian outback; acres of wave-like sand dunes in the Empty Quarter remind Nick of sailing the vast Atlantic; the lapping of crystal-blue waves onto pure white-sand beaches could be almost anywhere in the Caribbean; while the rugged mountains and wadis of the east coast echo the wilderness of the Grand Canyon. For Nick, the UAE is truly ‘the world’ in one country, but it is really the Emirati people and their legendary hospitality that have captured his heart.

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