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Ancient Magan - The Secrets of Tell Abraq, Daniel Potts

Ancient Magan reveals intimate details of a unique archaeological project in one of the most exciting yet under-rated areas of Near Eastern archaeology.

Ancient Magan - The Secrets of Tell Abraq, Daniel Potts


ISBN: 1900724-40-5

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ISBN: 1900724-31-6

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A modern story of an ancient people.  Situated in the UAE desert, where tides once lapped the shores of southern Arabia, almost straddling the border between Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain, the ancient settlement of Tell Abraq was occupied for almost two millennia, from c. 2200 to 300 B.C.  This fascinating and evocative story, which draws upon experiences gained during five campaigns of excavation, reveals secret aspects of Tell Abraq’s people:  Why did they settle here?  Who were they?  What was the life like in the region 4000 years ago?  What were their trading and social relationships?  Ancient Magan is a book for general readers interested in learning about one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Arabian peninsula.  In addition to providing lavish illustrations of the most important material recovered, the author pays particular attention to how modern archeologists think, how they go about solving problems and what analytical techniques they use to extract the maximum information form a minimum of available data.

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