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Arabian Wildlife Encyclopedia

The essential guide to Arabia’s wildlife heritage for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula.  

Arabian Wildlife Encyclopedia


ISBN: 978-1-905486-66-3

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The Arabian Wildlife Encyclopedia contains extensive information on the plant and animal life of the Arabian Peninsula, including many of the unique features that enable Arabian species to survive the harsh environmental conditions of the region. Here the focus is on key Arabian species such as the date palm, Arabian leopard, oryx, gazelle, tahr, houbara bustard, flamingo, spiny-tailed lizard and camel spider. Heavily illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs and original illustrations, the informative but highly-readable text also covers subjects of more general interest such as conservation, climate change, habitats and animal behaviour.

The Encyclopedia is designed to be used in combination with additional information posted on the internet and contains many links to specific web pages. However, the book can also be used alone as an indispensable reference work.

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