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BBC Natural History Unit's Wildlife Specials

This book describes the making of the films from the viewpoints of the cameramen and producers, providing fascinating and entertaining insights into the creatures themselves and their frequently remote and untamed environments.



BBC Natural History Unit's Wildlife Specials


ISBN: 1900724-16-2

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Wildlife Specials, published to accompany a series of spectacular BBC 1 television programmes of the same name, features six of the most charismatic animals on our planet, the polar bear, crocodile, eagle, leopard, wolf and humpback whale.  Presented by Sir David Attenborough and filmed by award-winning cameramen and producers, Wildlife Specials won the Golden Panda award at Wildscreen 98 as the best natural history TV series and continues to be extremely popular, not only on television in the UK and Ireland, but throughout the world.  Each beautifully illustrated chapter is accompanied by a facts page containing a summary of information on the wildlife “superstars” that featured in the films.

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