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Four-Fifths: The Ocean Planet - Peter Vine

Stunning images captured on camera by the world’s best underwater photographers.

Four-Fifths: The Ocean Planet - Peter Vine


ISBN: 1900724-17-0

UK Published Price,

Four-Fifths: The Ocean Planet is a truly inspiring celebration of the wonderful natural richness of our sea.  The book’s creative design reinforces its expansive scope, emphasizing that the major part of our planet is underwater.  Images are arranged in the form of a tour around the world’s seas and oceans, with breathtaking views of marine life, providing a compelling insight into our ocean planet.  This picture driven publication has widespread appeal for readers of all ages and interests.

 - Over 160 colour photographs map a unique journey from the Arctic to the    Antarctic
 - Published in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature
 - Every book sold raises money for marine conservation.

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