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Scribbles - Mary Foyle

Buy this book and help a hugely worthwhile cause. Read it and be enthralled!

Scribbles - Mary Foyle


ISBN: 1-905486-00-6

UK Published Price,

Scribbles is a compilation of poetry and short stories written over a number of years by Mary Foyle who lives in Clifden, Co. Galway. Its primary purpose is to raise awareness and funds for the Parkinson’s Active Liaison and Support (PALS) and the Neurological Institute, Eccles Street, Dublin. As you will quickly find out, Mary, herself suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. But her book is much more than a worthy fundraising initiative – it is a celebration of life itself, with or without a disability. Warm, witty, insightful and inspiring, it paints a succinct and entrancing portrait of a life being lived to the full, a life you long to be a part of. When you have finished the book, you will want to head for Clifden to sit in the bar of Foyle’s Hotel in the hope that some impromptu party may erupt, to visit the local surgery under any pretext at all in order to meet the much-teased and teasing Dr John, friend and physician to Mary, and to observe for yourself a community of true friends. You may find it difficult to leave – when you do leave, it will probably be because Mary has persuaded you to walk the Camino de Santiago, go fishing in Argentina, drink yourself silly in Temple Bar or visit an old friend with whom you have long been out of touch.

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