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The Elysium Testament - Mary O’Donnell

"Clear, vibrant, rinsed-through prose in service of a savagely focused story aiming high towards redemption".

The Elysium Testament - Mary O’Donnell


ISBN: 190072432-4

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The promise shown in Mary O'Donnell's previous novels has been well and truly realized in this evocative and emotionally charged story; a series of letters to the narrator’s estranged husband who could not come to terms with the death of their only son within the confines of their increasingly tormented marriage.  Nina, an accomplished grotto restorer, is contemplating suicide and has a compelling need to make sense through her writing of the events which led, seemingly inexorably, to the terrible tragedy and the disintegration of her family.

The vivid seamless narrative marked by O'Donnell's characteristic insight and rich imagery sensitively explores Nina's life story, her almost obsessive fascination with the magical qualities of stone and plaster, ceilings and grottoes, her vain attempt to recreate Elysium, the crushing weight of her grief and her gradual move towards redemption.

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