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UAE at a Glance 2007

Published in cooperation with the National Media Council, UAE at a Glance is a valuable concise reference source on the United Arab Emirates, covering areas such as the political system, the economy, business developments, history and heritage, education, women, healthcare, tourism and the environment.

UAE at a Glance 2007


ISBN: 1-905486-20-0

Available from:

National Media Council
Department of External Information
PO Box 3790, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971 2 4452922

The United Arab Emirates has many claims to fame, including its ancient history, diverse wildlife, expansive deserts, rich pearl beds, vast oil and gas fields and, in recent years, stunning high-rise cities. Less tangible assets include political cohesion, security and stability, a thriving business environment and a society with a high standard of living that is intent on reaping the benefits of old and new. All these facets of the UAE are explored in the pages of this book, revealing a remarkable success story.

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