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Building the Emirates

Better City, Better Life

Building the Emirates


ISBN: 1-905486-54-0

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Inspired by the theme of EXPO 2010, this high-definition film explores the creation of better cities and better lives in the UAE. The unprecedented population and urban growth that have taken place in the last 40 years have shaped the identity of the country, and as the staggering pace of development picks up in the 21st century, the social and infrastructural challenges are being tackled in the most innovative ways.
Through a series of compelling interviews with prominent Emiratis and international figures, and featuring some of the world's most iconic development projects taking place in the UAE, this powerful film reveals how the Emiratis are building the Emirates and designing their cities to meet the changing world. Interlinking education, culture, tourism, urban planning, trade, industry, heritage and environment, this young country is meeting the future in the most inspiring of ways.

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