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Sheba's Greatest Treasure

Events associated with Marib's rise, fall and re-incarnation are inextricably linked to the original dam, its destruction and the modern replacement built with funding from the United Arab Emirates.

Sheba's Greatest Treasure


ISBN: 1900724-68-5

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Archaeologists have peeled back the sands of time to reveal exquisite artifacts from a most sophisticated culture that flourished three thousand years ago in the land once ruled by the Queen of Sheba.  Now part of Yemen, the region around Marib held one treasure that surpassed all others in value.  It was the key to survival and became the basis for a major civilization.  The massive dam at Marib, one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world, created a huge lake whose waters turned the desert green and enabled Marib’s population to prosper.

It is a gripping story never before told on film.

Contents: 26 minute versions of English and Arabic Language

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