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UAE 2010 E-Yearbook

An information-packed DVD covering developments in the UAE over the past 12 months and celebrating a decade of UAE Yearbooks.

UAE 2010 E-Yearbook


ISBN: 978-1-905486-59-5

Available from:

National Media Council
Department of External Information
PO Box 3790, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971 2 4452922

For well over a decade, Trident Press has produced the UAE Yearbook and its related title UAE at a Glance in cooperation with the National Media Council of the UAE. To date, the focus has been on traditional print media with an accompanying DVD. However, in 2010, marking the first decade of the twenty-first century, the UAE Yearbook is primarily digital, comprising a fully interactive DVD and website ( in six languages. In addition to a multimedia review of developments in the UAE over the past 12 months, the DVD and website also feature interactive presentations of Yearbooks from 2000 and a selection of high-quality, recently-made films on the UAE.

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